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Whisked Apple Porridge

4-6 servings

Whisked Apple Porridge

This light porridge is great for breakfast or as a snack. Apple makes this porridge deliciously mild and filling, and you can season it with a dash of cinnamon.

1 l water
1 ¾ dl semolina
1 dl sugar
500 g Bonne Apple Purée
1 tsp vanilla sugar

Bring the water to boil and add the semolina, a little bit at a time, mixing continuously. Let simmer over low heat for about 5 min. Add the sugar, Bonne Apple Purée and vanilla sugar, bring to boil. Let the porridge cool down and beat with an electric beater until fluffy. Serve with cinnamon sugar and milk.


Unsweetened Bonne Premium purées are suitable for all kinds of cooking. You can use these purées to make sweet and savoury treats for any occasion. You are welcome to browse our recipe database or experiment on your own.


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