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Blueberry Trifle

4-6 servings

Blueberry Trifle

Blueberry desserts are a favourite in Finland, and we are proud to serve these to our foreign guests too. This easy but spectacular layered dessert will be the crowning glory of any meal.

250 g Bonne Blueberry Purée
½ dl runny honey or light syrup
1 tsp vanilla sugar
8-10 oat biscuits
2 dl whipped cream
200 g vegetable-based lemon cream cheese or curd
1-2 tsp vanilla sugar, to taste

Season the Bonne Blueberry Purée with runny honey or light syrup and vanilla sugar. Crush the oat biscuits into small pieces. Whip the cream and mix in the vegetable-based lemon cream cheese or curd. Season with vanilla sugar and sugar. Assemble in a dessert glass, alternating layers of blueberry purée, cream mix and biscuit crumbs.


Unsweetened Bonne Premium purées are suitable for all kinds of cooking. You can use these purées to make sweet and savoury treats for any occasion. You are welcome to browse our recipe database or experiment on your own.


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