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Frozen yogurt

Frozen yogurt

You will need:

approx. 5 dl thick natural yoghurt, e.g. Turkish
2 dl Bonne fruit or berry purée, e.g. mango, pear or blueberry
0.5 dl light syrup, e.g. agave or runny honey
Vanilla, to taste.

For decorating:
Bonne fruit or berry purée
Crushed almonds

Mix all ingredients well. If necessary, make it sweeter. You can also make the ice cream sweeter when it is ready, so it is better to err on the tart side rather than overly sweet. Pour the mixture into a steel pot, for example, and place the pot into the freezer. The total freezing time is about 3 hours. Mix the mixture about every 30 min using an electric mixer, and put back in the freezer. The end result will be fluffier this way.

The ice cream is ready if you can use an ice cream scoop or a big spoon to scoop balls from the ice cream. You can also freeze the yoghurt in portions, using silicone muffin trays. Serve with Bonne purée and sprinkle with crushed almonds, for example.

Tip: You can also make frozen yoghurt in an ice cream machine.

Frozen Yoghurt is a recipe written for Bonne by Tinskun keittiö.
You can visit Tinskun keittiö (in Finnish only) here.


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